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Ally & Lorraine: ASMW members, event experts, dynamic presenters, crafters of Motoring Matters road reports and former radio hosts.

Ally, a veteran in the broadcast industry with over 35 years of experience in Scotland’s media landscape, is known for his expertise in event hosting and management. He has masterfully overseen events such as the Northsound Business Awards, Rewind Festival, and the Sixties Gold Concerts. Alongside his wife Lorraine, Ally brings a wealth of experience in organising prestigious events, including the Scottish Car of the Year Awards. Their passion for the automotive industry extends to providing regular car reviews for various publications, showcasing their in-depth knowledge and love for all things motoring.

If you’re in need of a skilled event manager or a knowledgeable voice, Ally and Lorraine are ready to bring their expertise to your project. Feel free to reach out to discuss hosting, event management or voiceover work and let the Ally Bally team elevate your next event or motoring endeavour.

What we do

Event Management

Ally and Lorraine have a diverse portfolio of event management experience, ranging from prestigious awards ceremonies to celebration dinners and corporate events. With their versatile skill set and attention to detail they excel in bringing any occasion to life.

Event Hosting

Ally’s tenure as an event host spans over 30 years, during which he has cultivated an impressive resume of notable engagements. Among his achievements, Ally has proudly hosted Rewind Festival and the prestigious Northsound Business Awards.

Motoring Matters

Both Ally and Lorraine share a love for all things automotive. They regularly test vehicles and provide insightful road reports for a variety of publications. Their expertise in motoring is not confined to print; you can also find their reviews and updates on social media channels and their dedicated blog.


With over 35 years as one of the most distinguished voices on Scottish airwaves, Ally’s voice has also been used as the voiceover for some of Scotland’s best-known brands including The Broon’s.

Scottish Car of the Year Awards

One of Scotland’s most prestigious motoring events, a celebration of Scottish tradition and automotive excellence. Organised and hosted by Ally Bally Productions, this annual event stands as a testament to the rich heritage and passion for automobiles in Scotland.


For more than 35 years, Ally stood as one of the most prominent and recognisable voices on Scottish radio, boasting some of the highest listenership on the renowned Greatest Hits Network.

Ally is the resident MC for our prestigious annual Business Dinner which can boast of speakers including Ed Balls, Mary Portas,Lord Digby Brown and Jon Culshaw.He works the room like no-one else and holds the proceedings together in a warm but professional manner.He can adapt to whatever the situation requires and most certainly takes the hosting of events to another level. Book him – you won’t be disappointed !

Susan MorriceCommercial Director