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It has been long said in some journalistic quarters that the Honda Jazz is most suited to retired university professors or any other conservative profession not in the first flush of youth, well we didn’t agree in the early noughties when we first had the opportunity to drive the Jazz and actually we disagree even more so now unless of course you think we may now fit that category.

The Jazz comes under the Supermini category but we can’t help thinking that this car is so spacious that “mini” doesn’t quite give it justice and it is roomier than most in the category, its main rivals being the Renault Clio and the Skoda Fabia, both excellent cars.

Our test car was the range topping EX Style, which of course has all the attributes of an archetypal Jazz but adds plenty of extra attraction.

From the outside it has a very contemporary appearance, we like the contrasting black roof and door mirrors and those 16 inch alloy wheels add that sportier look and we can see how it would appeal to younger drivers who do not fit the “conservative” label. We are thinking young couple with or without kids in tow. Not that we are claiming to cross the threshold of that demographic by any stretch of the imagination, we are just saying that the Jazz has appeal to the common people.

Inside it is well kitted out with part cloth and part leather upholstery and the front heated seats were a joy during the week we had it on test. We knew it had a heated steering wheel as well but Lorraine just couldn’t find it and Ally never let on! In the rear, the seats are just as comfortable, just not quite so cosy but plenty of space and not just for children, there is good legroom throughout.

Great seat configuration too, not only to the seats fold but they can flip up too, for even more space, very clever.

The goldfish bowl visibility is amazing and you almost feel like you have 360 degree vision thanks to the slim pillars especially in the front and all the toots and beeps enforce the safety protection awareness. The Jazz has a great infotainment system with a very responsive touchscreen and instrument panel and it is very user friendly.

The Jazz is only available with a single 96bhp hybrid petrol/electric engine option which might not appeal to everyone but how many times have we said that we are given way too many choices?

Out on the road it drives really well, doing 0-60mph in 8.6 secs. It leans a little on twisty country roads but in the town and city it steers along very nicely and is very quiet too.

The Honda Jazz is available in lower specs, the SE and the SR.

Prices start at around £20,000

MPG- 61.4 for the EX

Ally says – The Jazz is fantastic for town and city driving and you have the reassurance of Honda quality and reliability.

Lorraine says – The Jazz is hard to match with regard to interior space and flexibility and for anyone looking for a car in this category, I would highly recommend it.