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It’s been a pleasure getting re- acquainted with the Isuzu D-Max pick- up truck particularly as it arrived just in time for the bout of stormy weather we have had recently.

It was to be a busy week with meetings all across Scotland, then came the warnings from the weather forecasters about the storms which now all seem to have to have a name!  Babet, Isha, and no doubt soon Jimmy, Tam and Hugo.

We had strong winds, heavy rain, sleet and snow but driving in this up-dated pick -up truck was a breeze.

2024 was a record- breaking year in the UK for Isuzu (45% up on the previous year) with the D-Max pick up truck the only model it sells in the UK.

The model we had on test was the V-Cross which has gone through an update with the aim being to capture a larger slice of the lifestyle market.

Only one engine is on offer across the range, the 1.9 -litre turbodiesel which delivers 162bhp and 360Nm of torque. We really enjoyed the auto box but you can go for a six speed manual which would see you making a reasonable saving. We did a fair bit of in city driving and found the speed-sensitive  steering made the D-Max `a dream to manoeuvre into many tight parking spots.

The exterior has an improved front grille and smarter alloys whilst the interior has an eight-way adjustable drivers seat, a reversing camera, front and rear parking sensors, heated front seats, Apple CarPlay and a nine-inch multifunction colour touchscreen.

The modifications on the D-Max result in the wheelbase being longer which gives you more space in the cabin, the rear doors are larger giving easier access.

We both enjoy driving pick -ups and the Isuzu D-Max certainly gets the thumbs up from us.

Price: £44,323

Insurance Group: 40

Warranty: Five Years /125,000 miles

MPG: 30.7mpg

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